Thursday, April 11, 2013

The day after Scott got home from Japan was supposed to be a really nice day, so I bought tickets for us to go to the South Carolina baseball game! Even though I spent many years at school there, I never went to a baseball game, so I was pretty excited.

Before the game we went to brunch at The Gourmet Shop in Five Points. After we ate we went on a little walk so Fischer could see the fountain. Unfortunately, during this walk, the kids got to experience another first in their lives - they saw someone getting arrested. Luckily nothing violent was going on, but it sure opened up a whole new area of questions from the kids. We were able to divert their attention pretty quickly though and move on to another topic. :)

Back to baseball..The team got a new stadium last year, so it was fun getting to see that too. It is such a great stadium - nicer than some minor league ones I've seen!

We weren't sure how long the kids would last during the game, but they made it through 6 innings! 4 innings spent in our seats, and 2 walking around and exploring. It was a great time and I'm hoping we can get back to another game this season.

At one point, Addison asked me when they players were going to run out of the tunnel. That's what our football team does, so she just had her sports mixed up. :) She also enjoyed going through the porgram and finding each player that was up at bat. One player's last name is Pankake and she got a huge kick out of that.

Fischer was excited to eat a slice of pizza during the game. Addison had talked about getting a soft pretzel for days but once it was time to make her final decision, she chose popcorn. Figures. :) Once the snacks ran out is when they started to get a little restless.

Later that afternoon, Jim came over with his tractor and put the finishing touches on our garden so that we could plant some things. That day we planted corn, carrots, and cucumbers. A few days later we planted onions, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, and peppers.

It was a busy but fun day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I mentioned that Scott was in Japan for a week in March... the kids requested to go to the airport on the day he got back so we could see him right when he landed! We did this last year as a surprise, but he knew about it this year since they kept talking about it before he left.

It was a long week but the the kids had school 3 mornings, and swimming twice, which was nice. They played so well together this  week too, so it really went quite smoothly!

Since his flight got home late afternoon, it worked out nicely. We got there with just a few minutes to spare. Plenty of time to ride the "moving stairs" and check out the map that shows where the airplanes are. We located Scott's plane and saw that it was going to land very soon!

So we made our way back upstairs and the kids had fun trying out each and every seat. :)

Finally they saw him and took off running! It was fun! :)

We headed to Moe's for an early dinner and then hung out at home for the rest of the evening! We were all happy to have Daddy home!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The weekend of St. Patrick's Day, I worked my Moms of Multiples Consignment Sale. I worked all day Friday and until about 2:30 on Saturday.

On Saturday (March 16), I met Scott and the kids at a birthday party, then we came home and grilled out on the new gas grill they got the day before!

That day also happened to be the 10th anniversary of Scott and I's first date! Things sure have changed since then - I can't believe it's been a whole decade!

That morning was also a big morning for Addison and Fischer. They got to have gum for the first time. And yes, of course they swallowed it! Scott texted me a picture of them chewing their first piece ever! The obsession lasted a few days but they haven't asked for gum in a couple of weeks. I guess the excitement has worn off already. :)

On Sunday, which was the official St. Patrick's Day, we dressed in our green and headed out to Mexican for lunch. :)

Later that day, the kids got to try out their new scooters that I got them at the consignment sale! They were so excited! I didn't even know Fischer's came with knee pads - he found them in the little pouch on the front!


It was a busy but fun weekend! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

A few weeks after the kids turned 4, I decided to make them each a chore chart. After some research on Pinterest, I found a style that I thought would work well for us.

They both have the same chores to do each day, except for taking out recycling and feeding Lucy, which they trade each week. The ones that stay on there are making their beds, quiet reading time, playing with Lucy, picking up toys before bed and putting on their own pajamas. They also have the chance each day to earn a bonus coin for their piggy banks. They can get these by doing extra chores, helping us do some things, or doing their chores without us having to ask.

It's been a few weeks since we started these and they really seem to enjoy doing them! They make their beds each morning on their own - I barely have to ask! Once they do a chore, they get to mark the circle with a dry erase marker on their chart, which they really like doing. Addison prefers to color in the whole circle in purple, while Fischer likes to do a red "x" on his chart. I love how different they are. :)

The charts were very easy to make! I found a free printable online, so printed two blank copies. Then I bought some self-laminating sheets and laminated each printed sheet. Next I wrote their names and list of chores, then put 2 magnets on the back of each one. It's easy enough to redo them each week to keep them looking fresh!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Addison and Fischer have had several birthday parties to attend recently, and have a few more coming up this month!

In March, they got to go to Monkey Joe's for a party for a friend at school. They had a great time, but didn't get to stay for pizza and cake because we already had dinner plans that night. It worked out nicely though - an hour or so of play time before heading out to dinner! I had to take a picture of Addison in her skinny pants and cardigan. :)

They went to Monkey Joe's last year for the same birthday boy, and it was so neat watching them play with their friends this year. Last year they stuck to themselves, or played only with each other. This year they split up and played with their little friends. I loved it! They also enjoyed playing together though... and always love sitting in these cars, even though we don't ever actually put money in them. Go figure.

A couple weeks later, they got to go to a combined birthday party for 2 friends from school (we also went to a party for the same kids last year!). This party was outside and it was a magic show, done by "Sarah Dippity." It was cute! Fischer was very into it, and loved it. Addison liked it, but from the safety of my lap. She wouldn't go sit with the other kids because the whole magic thing made her nervous. They also got some play time on a swing set and bouncy house at this party! They came home worn out, for sure!

Just this past weekend, Addison and I went to an Easter Egg hunt/first birthday party! Fischer was supposed to go but wasn't feeling great and we didn't want to spread his germs. It made for a fun girly afternoon. Addison got to spend some time with Rylan, and was sure to give Fischer the play-by-play when we got home.  Scott and Fischer got some things done outside while we were gone, so I think they had a good time too.

Birthday parties at this age are so fun - and Addison and Fischer are always happy when cake is invovled! :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

On March 6 (a Monday), the kids started swimming lessons! We talked about signing them up last year but never got around to it. I knew it needed to be done before this summer though!

They go twice a week, and it's just the 2 of them in class, which is nice. It's supposed to just be 1 teacher but sometimes she has someone training with her so it's nice to have another person. Class lasts 25 minutes but they are worn out by the end. They work hard! They think it's pretty cool that they get to go use a hotel pool, and keep asking when we are going to sleep there. :)

On the first day we got there a little early so I took a few pictures. They are wearing their new birthday bathing suits from Aunt Julie and Uncle Brian.

It just so happened that their first class was when Scott had to be in Japan for work. Dianne agreed to go with me, just because I wasn't sure what to expect, or if I'd need an extra set of hands. I really thought one, if not both, of them would be freaking out! But I was completely wrong about that!  I'm also very glad that I don't have to get in the pool with them. They got right in and got to work! Here they are in their floatation things they have to wear for class.

Most lessons have them doing some kicks to warm up, then some grocery shopping where the teacher, Miss Mia, throws out plastic pieces of food into the water and they have to use their noodles to swim out and get them. Then they get to use their "super hero sticks" and also practice puppy swims. They do each thing several times. They are also working on putting their whole faces under water, and blowing bubbles.

As expected, Addison is much more comfortable in the water. She has no fear when it comes to water, which is one of the main reasons we knew they needed lessons. Fischer can do the exercises, but he gets very nervous and keeps yelling " I can't do it!" even though he can. During the first lesson he kept saying "I can't do this much longer!" Addison has started waiting on Fischer in the pool, or turning around and swimming back to him and swimming with him. Poor girl ends up doing twice the amount of work! :)

After their first lesson, we went to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate, and the kids even got ice cream. Of course they then expected to go there after each lesson. :) This week are their last 2 lessons of this session, but I've already signed up for another session so they will continue on with a different teacher and at a different location next week. Hopefully they like her just as much as Miss Mia and continue to learn!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just a quick post this time, since my last few have been pretty long.

The kids and Lucy have been keeping each other quite entertained lately! Every once in awhile, though, Lucy disappears and gets herself into some puppy trouble... And this what she does when I call her inside.

I think she's guilty, don't you?! It's hard to believe she will be 1 in April! Our furry baby is growing up!